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It was never a choice cause I was made for this
And believe in things you never will
I guess I just found something better to do
Than being stuck in the life that you've got yourself into
Oh I wonder how it feels
I wish that I could thank them
The people who used to mean the world to me
I hope you've found what you've been looking for

Will you ever say that I'll be with you
So we never have to be alone
Now its us against the world

In this place where I call home has no meaning anymore
Cause it broke my heart just to see all these memories
Left scattered accross the wall
Living to learn to let things go
Oh will we ever know


People will never know whats in our hearts tonight
Let us hold on to what matter the most
We hope for better days and that is all we care for!



from Stand Off EP, released January 22, 2016
Bert & Eric / Chunk No Captain Chunk



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